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These are interesting times, both in the Eastern world and in the Western world. Leadership will necessarily transform in the East and will, in turn, transform leadership in the West. At the heart of these times are movements that are, in most important respects a source of optimism. For example we are witnessing the new Hong Kong which has had an impact on mainland China and in turn, developed an urgent need to improve relation-ships between China and the West. Change is slower and more painful than most of us want. For every three steps forward, we seem to take two steps back. We need leadership. And that's what my book is about.

There has been a tradition of wisdom about leadership which has originated from the East. We in the West have much to learn from you. I hope, therefore, that my book can begin a dialogue in which we learn from each other about leadership.


Peter R. Scholtes

July, 1998



"It gives me great pleasure to know that Peter Scholte's book is made available in the Chinese language. Peter's messages for leaders at all levels will contribute to the well being of all who manage or are managed.

Beyond being of help to the readers of the handbook, it will also provide a common language and basis for understanding among all peoples."


Myron Tribus,

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