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本文用double binding-即,在情感上重要的溝通脈絡上,隱含有未明說出的「邏輯類型」矛盾信息-來說明公司、組織中許多獲利要求、目標管理、年度績效量衡等等,戴明博士所謂「組織中絕症」。戴明學說以「改善」與「轉型」為旨,因此,要求系統先要能穩定,即,先排除「特殊因」,再採「共通因」改善策略。組織轉型先要個人轉型,因此,個人先要有double binding的知識與系統思考,才不會迷失於種種「急功近利」、「揠苗助長」等對系統「矯枉過正(過分干預)」,從而使系統變異增加。




The recent Deming Philosophy Circle (DPC) discussion about the tyranny of stock market and other related subjects remind me that people used to neglect the preconditions of improvement and demand for some quick-fix tools.


The troubles of annual appraisal, quarterly profit and loss reporting, 10x improvement rate criterion of six sigma programs among other 'movements' might be the result of complex interactions of many organizational double binding behaviors.


I recently read Co-leaders--The Power of Great Partnerships, By David A. Heenan and Warren Bennis, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1999.

請比較中譯本『最佳拍檔』,商業周刊出版社,2000年,第345 頁譯文。

 At the first glance, it reminds me the wonderful relationship between W. A. Shewhart and W. E. Deming. Their story is more powerful than most cases in C0-leaders(with different logic type.)


Then I read the following message (Chapter 13, page 244) in the section of 'Between Scylla and Charybdis' as follows,


' Dress me slowly, I'm in a hurry.' Napoleon once remarked. That's the double bind of every ambitious co-leader: how to achieve some power and influence while maintaining loyalty to the leader.(Hanching note: I think the subject we are talking about is more profound than this context. 請比較中譯本『最佳拍檔』,商業周刊出版社,2000年,第345 頁譯文,讀者會發現譯文無法承現double binding精義(即,在情感上重要的溝通脈絡上,隱含有未明說出的「邏輯類型」矛盾信息),而且Napoleon的話,slowly 譯成「好好地」,無法承現「快慢」方面的兩難。


I made one note of 'double binding' (it is a key word by G. Bateson). It means 'communication in the context of an emotionally important relationship in which there is unacknowledged contradiction between messages at different logical levels: Bateson thinks it is a possible etiology for schizophrenia.( from Glossary of Angels Fear by G. Bateson and M. C. Bateson).


Then I suspect many troubles of organizational schizophrenia in above-mentioned 'fatal diseases' in Out of the Crisis are quite common ones with common meaning. In this context, the transformation might mean out of it.

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