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New Website Map(1999/01)

Some Notes on Six Sigma (2000/04)

The new economics and the quality control (2000/04)

Transformation through System of Profound Knowledge(1999/08)

An Investment Never Fails(1999/08)

Pray for Safety(1999/07)

Planning for Centuries Later(1999/07)

Damned pollution and Cancers(1999/07)

Bubbles in a Pot of Boiling Soup - Complexity and Creativity in Organizations(1999/06)

Discussion Note: Part 1 (1999/06)

Discussion Note: Part 2 (1999/06)

A Note on 6 Sigma(1999/06)

Metrology and the Study of Complex Organizations(1999/06)

Some Notes on Drucker's Knowledge-Worker Productivity(1999/06)

Best Efforts Are Not Enough : the first three-part episodes with a reflection

Part 1: Rewarding the judges(1999/06)

Part2 : Magic numbers(1999/06)

Part 3 Hope Engineering and making figures(1999/06)

A Reflection for the first three parts of Best Efforts are not enough(1999/06)

Part 7: Advertisement with Emotional Phrases(1999/06)

Part 8: Buy and Sell(1999/06)

Relearning Deming Philosophy(1999/05)

Some Notes on Logos,/Word and Deming's Teachings(1999/05)

Some Notes on Organizational Learning(1999/05)

Ways of learning Deming Philosophy (1999/03)

Notes on the Jazz of Scenario Planning (1999/03)

The Models of My Life (1999/03)

Operational Definitions by Lloyd Provost(1999/02)

Operational Definitions by Ed Tilden(1999/02)

Operational Definitions by Hanching Chung(1999/02)

Notes on going Shewhart & Deming(1999/02)

On Taylorism , Demingism and Japanese-styled Management Systems(1999/02)


The Profound Knowledge System and Music Learning(1999/02)

Community of Deming Philosophy Scholars(1999/01)

Kerridge's new websites(1999/01)

The Hidden Learning Traps of Japanese Quality Communities(1998/12)

Pareto Distribution:Deming, Juran and Simon’s Rule and Worlds of Knowledge(1998/12)

Deming Philosophy and Holmes(1998/12)

Peter R. Scholtes on Holmes(1998/12)

Notes On The Leader's Handbook(1998/12)

Fire Sermon and Deming's Profound Knowledge System(1998/12)

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