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Hanching Chung,

My best wishes to you too.
The website is

Strictly speaking it is not "open" yet, because there is a minor
copyright problem about reproducing the Deming Medal, which is
featured on the site. But do look at it, and you can easily download
papers from it.

>A case study. The disk you sent me about 9 months ago was not formatted
>so that I didn't read them. What a pity.

No, it was formatted for a Macintosh computer: you would need to
use one to read the papers. But there is an easier way now. If you
get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free as a download from the
Acrobat site, or from many others connected to it, you can read the
papers on any computer. You can also download the papers, and
print them or put them on a web site. Acrobat works with "Portable
data Format" files which can be displayed on web sites, I understand,
quite easily. (I haven't tried to do it myself)

There are more of my papers on the DEN web site, which is

You can get to it from the WEDI site, which is

but itr is quicker to use the above. There are also some of my papers
on the site of the Deming Study Group of Dallas, which is:

I hope this will be easier that trying to read the disc.

If you have problems downloading, I can send papers as attachments,
but you will need the Acrobat Reader. Although this is free, it takes
about half an hour to download, so it is best to do it when calls are
cheap. Or perhaps local calls are free in Taiwan, as they are in the

>I heard Deming used to have about two special meetings annually for
>statisticians. Any information on this. The reason I ask this is the
>statisticians in Taiwan are very ignorant with deming's thinking in this
>area. Last week one meeting in my office was particularly let me down. I
>hope you can help us when you are available.

Yes, from 1987 I spoke at most of Deming's statistical research meetings.
He held a meeting at New York University every year until 1992.

I have a number of the papers I presented, and could send them if you
want to study them. I had lost them from my computer files, but Sarah
typed them in again.

>Our family donated a fund for county community colleges( our county with
>4 milllions people.) This is a very radical new educational experiments
>in taiwan. I am one of the board director and try to seek qualified one
>to have a course like Variations Study and Life. This is just for your
>information. This area is mainly my wife's domain. I am still dreaming
>about my Deming Management School.

That sounds very interesting. I hope the Economic problems affecting
Japan and Honkong are not affecting Taiwan. They *should* make
people more anxious to hear the Deming message, but that doesn't
always work. One problem is that Deming never promised quick results
with his approach.

I am sorry that I have not answered several messages from you that are
still in my computer "In Tray". They came at a busy time: I don't seem
to have caught up since I went to the USA in October.

Best wishes for the New Year


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