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This website is a mainly Deming-based Management Philosophy development , application and interactions. We are trying the free monthly magazine now, focused on the industries and educational. In addition to our monthly updating articles with its posting month, we also provide some articles of our international friends for mutual learning, and one monthly English article is included for your reference. If you or your friends do know Chinese, then the trees, the bark and leaves of Deming's system of profound knowledge are available in this website.

This description provides you some rough map of this Chinese Deming-based Thinking Garden cultivated by friends of Deming world-wide..



Our vision is to establish the learning community and later a Deming-based Management School. in greater China region.

This website is for quality and management studies. It is the first free Deming Philosophy-based on-line magazine. Our mission is to create a center for research, application and promotion of Profound Knowledge System and some related Organizational and Personal Life-Long Learning Systems.


Organization and activities

This website is currently sponsored and maintained by Hanching Seminars and Consulting Group. We like to thank many Taiwanese Deming friends help us to promote Deming Philosophy with some scholarship programs and other form of supporting.

We provide some courses in Deming Philosophy and annual deming memorial Lecture and Conference. We published several series of books in managerial and educational studies.


Site guide

Activities: This section shows major activities of our global learning community, its agenda and other related information.


Profound Knowledge. This section is mainly for the essence of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge, including some notes and seminar material of late Dr. Deming visiting Taiwan in seventies.


Applications: some case studies and new practical idea from practitioners..


Friends of Deming. Most articles done by us in essays, interviews, reflections and proposals about Deming Philosophy and its applications.


Life and Art. We address other issues that are important to our personal transformation in this section..


Books and Products: You can have an overview of the books we published and other related vedio products in management and educational studies.


Some notes about our publishings

The most convenient way to check the list of Chinese translations of Deming related work is to visit this website under Products and Books section.. In addition to the Deming Philosophy, we also publish some classics of management studies like Managerial Breakthrough by J. M. Juran, Administrative Behavior by H.A. Simon, Lean Thinking J. P. Womack and D. T. Jones, Quality Is Still Free by P. Ccrosby and Managerial Engineering by R. Fukuda.

We plan to launch many working papers and booklets starting from 1999.

I list some Deming Philosophy related Chinese translationsand its publishing year for your reference.


Elementary Principles of The Statistical Control of Quality (Revised) by W. E. Deming and translated by Liu Chien(1970).

Out of The Crisis by W. E. Deming and translated by Hanching Chung and the team(we did the translation t around 1986 and published it in 1997)

The New Economics by W. E. Deming and translated by Dai Chu-Yuan

Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality by R. Aguayo and translated by Wan Yi(1991)

Deming Management Method by M. Walton and translated by Chou Shi-hwa

Fourth Generation Management by B. Joiner and translated by Hanching Chung(1995.)

The Deming's Route to Quality and Productivity by W. W. Scherkenbach and translated by Hanching Chung( 1995)

Deming's Road to Continual Improvement by W. W. Scherkenbach and translated by Hanching Chung( 1995)

Four Days with Dr Deming by W. J. Latzko and D. M. Saunders and translated by Chen Gean-Ban (1995)

The Leader's Handbook by Peter R. Scholtes and translated by Hanching Chung(1999)

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