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Dear Denizen,

I regreted most of my postings too serious, and my poor English makes
them worse...Nowaday, people think they can lead with story-telling or
storying-around (management by storying around) or lead with a
story/vision. How about learning from Deming...He was very nervous for
every speech, he confessed his Four Days maybe too dull...nevertheless,
I foud his story of benchmarking(reverse engineering of piano..) very
amusing and inspiring, very dramatized. I don't know why people don't
make them into a film...*going Deming* is For Fun...

Due to our limited resource and expression power, we can contribute
little to global communities in SoPK theory or understanding.( About 20
years ago, I thought/dreamed that maybe some day I can be in the list of
so-called 50 Quality leaders in next decade, soon I realised my
battle-field should be in business...)

I am keen on new thinking introduction studies.For example, how the
Chinese *absorbed* the Buddahism and transformed them.Why mainland China
translated major or all Marxism works, but the understanding of them are
very limited and distorted? How about Deming's SoPK?

These subjects may be left for next generation to study. Maybe I can
contribute some stories to help people understand..

First story, many people in USA can help me. Why Ginrich cannot learn or
read OOTC at least first times... he learned from Red Bead game and some
tutorials. He was an English-speaking professor( in History).He was
man-of-the-year 1995...( it is very interesting to read The Economist to
introduce two of his management thinking *mentors*--Drucker and Deming.
Drucker immediately emailed The Economist for some clarifications in
next issue in Letters...Dear friends of Deming, do we agree and need
some clarifications...)

Second story is the Chinese editors *troubles* with understanding the
OOTC and TNE. People used to read the book from the first chapter and
with high expections and determination--it was said for generation Y,
forget books exceeding 200 pages, so we admire USA fiction best-selling
titles--Chinese OOTC is near 600 pages. Our poor editor is a MBA, she
was scared by the first chapter's terminology like Operational
Definition...I comforted her with the Deming philosophy in book/music
writings, they are holistic( see Deming's Foreword in Statistical Method
>From QC Viewpoint, using my memory here)...This is one of reasons for
our Feb. Special Issue in Operational Definition.

The third story is also for Chinese OOTC. Our first editor worked to
hard for this masterpiece editing and understanding and took sick
leave.The publisher decided to change with another MBA(both of them made
in USA). The book in nearly complete for printing...both editors didn't
accept my advices to *follow* the style of English edition since they
have their own *culture*...They cannot appreciate Deming's standard of
writing and editing... he lectured in Taiwan 1978 with his Pappers
Pack...nobody expect a book and don't mention the delays in MIT CASE,
the *theory* of constraints here is... well, I need to tell one most
important editor's *Best Efforts* which made me cancelled of my several
hundreds copy order. Our second editor is an good employee, she was
customer-oriented, she changed all the chapter titles with very
fanciful/attractive advertisement-writing titles since Deming's ones are
too serious and may scare away our new generation readers...she maybe
right but I am old-fashoned and I knew Deming's purposes.

Well, I have troubles in English writing, again, I made the stories very
serious. In fact, I am grateful for OOTC and TNE Chinese editions and
bought many as gifts and resell them, I don't have choice and some
times, availability is most important. For TNE, also many sad stories
and maybe in next posting.

For our next generations, we need various works such as Deming in small
dose, Deming in cartoons( Japanese-styled Manga), or even Deming
conversations with Dilbert. WWS's CDs are very great but like me, maybe
a little too serious. P. Scholtes may remind me he or we are concerned
with The Leaders not the Cheer-leaders...Think about why people *going
Crosby* for his skill in dramatization( this is very Western styled and
valued highly...but...), and why peole like Red Bead and funnels so
much...most people learn philosophy through some interactive methods
including Dialoguing.

Hanching Chung

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