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Notes on going Shewhart & Deming(1999/02)

Dear Denizens,

We talked about *Going Deming vs. Going Crosby* and *Deming Philosophy
and Deming Method* recerently. While waiting for some mails to arrive,
let me put both related subjects together and make some notes.

My title is going Shewhart-Deming. It is important to emphasize it since
both statisticians strive for Profound Knowledge and Operationl Meaning
for their whole careers.

Dr. Deming is very kind to put all the major contributors of Quality on
his OOTC including someone the relathions went sour(refer to Crosby's
Speaking Quality and Crosby in OOTC for quality of hotel service). While
they are balanced and purposefully( see he quoted Juran's words on
Control), I personally think he and Shewhart are *two of a kind* with
different order in their concerns and they made a difference both in
profound influence and human knowledge.

The World of Knowledge and The New Economics in the age of System are
what they most concerned with. While in the World of Practica, maybe
they don't mind many companies choose their own ways as long as they get
the Truth, such as Milliken's *going Crosby* or HP's *going MBO*.
Ginrich started his learning *Deming Philosophy* during one of his
visitings of Milliken from operators playing Red Bead Game...Roger
Milliken gets the essence of *Deming Philosophy*.

To talk or discuss *going Deming vs. going Crosby* without this *level*
of understanding may be misleading. Crosby is a very good writer and
*educator* for general public while Shewhart-Deming are Men with
Profound Knowledge(refer to Shewhart's papers and speeches in '20 and
'30 ).The *quality of thinking* is very different while the *quantities
of books written and sold* is not an good indicator of greatness.

As for *Deming Philosophy* and *Deming Method*, I personally follow
Prof. Kerridge's essay in BDA's Variation several years ago, *going
Deming Philosophy*. My last three years experience makes me think it an
important subject.

As I pointed our in my last mail that both words * Philosophy and
Method* are over-loaded with different meaning for differnt people. For
example, I wrote a paper on Global Supplying Networking based on Deming
Philosophy( which may be accepted by Long Range Planning) but my
*co-writer* feels very strong about I used Deming Philosophy and Deming
Production System... I don't care much about the paper since I am not in
academic world and for me,once the paper was written, I like to go to
next level of learning...

To take another example, every philosophier has his definition of
*philosophy*, for example, B. Russell likes to say Philosophy aims the
*subjects*( my word) between Science and Religion, or using my word,
between Reason and Faith. But Deming is a man for science-knowledge with
very profound religious experiencing...

For me, since very few people know the meaning of Philo-sophos in
Pythagore School and Methode in Descartes context, including
Shewhart-Deming's Life Philosophies, we need to think going back to the
starting point, that is, using Deming's System of Profound Knowlege.

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