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Relearning Deming Philosophy(1999/05)

Prof. Kerridge last week shared with us his re-reading Deming experience.( I don't have his mail on hand so I cannot quote his words.)I like to report my progress.

This month I have two formal lectures. One is with Taiwanese Organizational Learning Annual Conference.The other is Chung-Yuen Christian Univ. for *Quality Economics*( The New Economics). 

For the first one, I decided to think in terms of *ethical transformation with SoPK*( I agree with Knight that the essential of Economics is moral). In the meanwhile, I surveyed some books like The Living Company( although I think the author using Piagetian terminology wronly I think his thinking is consistent with Deming's *Stay in business*) and others( refere to this month English articles in Free Deming U).

For the second lecture, this semester is my 6th one and I decided to go back to the first and last chapters of OOTC and TNE. I was very pleased that I need to repick up the Reaction Chain as the subject. I learn it about 20 years ago, now I can write an article called Notes on Deming's Chain Reaction.

A very smal step indeed but now I can appreciat A. Durer's words: " this I shall rejoice that I was yet the means whereby this truth has come to light."( quoted in K Popper's A World of Prospensities, Thoemmes). I can also understand Deming's quotation of Job much better and deeper:" Who is it that darkenth counsel by words without knowledge". And Shakespear's " I speak no more than everyone doth know"--Gardner.(Chapter 17, OOTC). Deming's *some possible distributions of time of arrival* and its possible loss functions also inspired me to think about the applications of his teaching in *the structure and meaning of everyday life*.

This preface to Notes on Chain Reaction will be posted in our website May Issue.

Hanching Chung

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