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A Reflection for the first three parts of Best Efforts are not enough(1999/06)

I lunched with Mr. C. C. Chung with lunch boxes from one of neighboring

Japanese restaurants. Mr. Chung arranged several times of Deming speeches and lectures in Taiwan before 1980. Deming was very nice to invite him to his famous four days seminar around 1990. I'll talk about this interesting subject later. Now, our interesting is focused on the food.

I pointed out to him that the materials of box lunches might come from around 10 countries with their own Deming's Production Systems as suppliers. We are living in a world of systems.

I also told him a story of a new kind of service system. I ordered G. Bateson's Mind and Nature from Amazon around 18 months ago. Recently they sent me an out of print copy and charged me triple of its original list price. I got a free gift of a quotation from C. Morley " When you sell a man a sell him a who new life." in the attached book tag. I hope so.

These two modes of production and service system are quite representative ones in our daily life.

I told Mr. Chung the Chinese characters our Japanese friends choose to translate System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK). Roughly translated, SoPK is a knowledge system with depth and long views. Actually, both my translation and Japanese are quite good. The word "profound" is with many meaning. Recently some people told me it also related to 'basic" or "fundamental" which gave another insight.

It is interesting to think Deming's system of Profound Knowledge with the concluding sentences from Bateson's appendix: Time Is Out Of Joint (1978).

It is not so much "power" that corrupts as the myth .of 'power"...and the rest of the quasi-physical metaphors are to be distrusted and, among them. "power" is one of the most dangerous...As teachers we should not promote that myth.

It is difficult for an adversary to see further than the dichotomy between winning and losing in the adversarial combat. Like a chess player( we like to use GO player)...The discipline, always to look for the best move on the board, is hard to attain and hard to maintain. The player must have his eye always on a longer view, a larger gestalt.

The wider perspective is about perspectives, and the question posed is : Do we, as a board, foster whatever will promote in students, in faculty, and around the boardroom table those wider perspectives which will bring our system back into an appropriate synchrony or harmony between rigor and imagination.

As teachers, are we wise?.


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