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Discussion Note: Part 2 (1999/06)

Time: May 29, 1999. 1400-1600

Participants: 9 persons, all from industries except one in education segment.

Subject: Personality types and organizational Dynamics.

Summary: We talked about the application of one tailor-made ERP system for one petrochemical company. The particular one is linear programming-based. H. C. Chung talked about the Russell Ackoff's experience of from Operations Researches to The art of problem-solving and Age of System. That is, the traditional optimization techniques and best efforts are not enough.

We did some research to synthesize the Human Dynamics System with the transformation model proposed by WWS in his Deming's Road to Continual Improvement. That is, the transformations in personal life and organizations need to consider the triple aspects: in Physical, Logical (or Mental) and Emotional (Objective and Subjective for personality).

This year we studied the system of The Whole Brain by Hermann and the system by Hans Eysenck. In fact, this is an Odyssey of psychology studies with many interesting discoveries and potential applications in learning, team-working, communications…

Prof. Chen talked about the work done by Doug. Neil about the human factors studies.

Some participants mentioned about the application of customers service function for a VAR Software and Service by using the key concepts of Fourth Generation Management by Brian Joiner.

The limits and drawbacks of using tests or employees profiles in people management are discussed. We need to have a real appreciation about Everyone I Different.

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