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An Investment Never Fails(1999/08)

I checked Lin Yutang's Dictionary for Chinese-English, unfortunately I can not find the corresponding English phrase for an investment with 10 thousand times return.

I read Dr. Hu Shih's letter to Chen . Hu mentioned about that Chen should take easy in returning the USD 400 debt for studying in USA around late fifties. Hu's philosophy is that once he lent the money to his friends, he thought it would be worth of 10 thousand times in the world.

Hu is not a wealthy man but he managed his investment very smartly. He told Lin Yutung that the foundation got a scholarship from one anonymous sponsor, hence Lin should go to German to study and be a linguist. After Lin got his doctorate and his best selling books won international reputation, he tried to find out the donators of his scholarship for appreciation. He could not find her. After many futile searches, Lin realized that the donator was Hu himself.

Both Lin and Chen learned from Hu's examples-setting and did pass their appreciation to the others.

Indeed this is the most wonderful rule 4 of funnel experiments of Dr. Deming. Dr. Deming's objective of studies is to reduce the variation. His rule 4 increases system variation .Our Rule 4 is to pass our appreciation from someone and give our contributions to others and to our society (in terms of worth, work and word as per Hu's translations of his credo based on one key ancient Chinese ethics), to make bridges for others without consideration of return in this life span. We know the investment will harvest its social return soon or later, very frequently with million times of our investment.

We know this rule is the fundamental for the betterness of our society. Through our generous investments, we can multiply many people's joy in the work, we can help people learn to make the society more prosperous. This philosophy may be the real starting point or the mechanism of Deming's chain of reaction of quality of life.

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