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Transformation through System of Profound Knowledge(1999/08)

Someone is asking the'operational definition' of transformation.

If he means W. E. Deming's(WED) concept of transformation, he needs to consult with WED's own words on it in The New Economics(TNE),Out Of the Crisis( OOTC) and his forewords to his students' books. In fact the whole purpose of TNE and OOTC are for transformation and might be operational for the transformed readers.

Let's extend a little bit on some of the essence of WED's ideas. WED might like Tokyo's airport bathing service(he enjoyed the one in Taipei city in 1978 while now the Tokyo's quality and price is a good buy and might be a joy in the learning journey). Anyway many friends think the service concept of Tokyo's airport management is transformed.

By the same way of thinking, one company provides bath or showering service for their overnight overtime engineers and workers is the starting point of transformation.

It is interesting yo note the Pittsburgh's airport service concept changed among many others airports. We might call these examples transformed in the ways of service customers(not only for travellers but for all local people in Pittsburgh's case).

We might call many readers seriously ponder over some of WED's profound(radical and basic) comments on the malpractice of business, educational and government are ready-for-transformation(prepared minds). We might call WED was transformed that in spite his personal tradegy, he shared his learnibng with his students and readers.

I didn't answer the original question but someday we might reflect that we have the chance to share these thinking is the starting point of transformation… several days later I wrote some more fragmental thought on transformation which might remotely related with SoPK.

Read T. Hardy's poem 'Transformation'. WED's thought might transformed to the roses and trees of his friends' thinking. Perhaps in coming Dec. 20th WED Memorial Speech, I should focus on WED's legacy in the western traditions of humanism.

Read J. S. Mill's Autobiography. This is a book of 'operational definitions' of education(his father's way of teaching Greek and so on) and personal transformation in thinking and belief. T. Carlyle was too critical for this good book. He thought this book was done by some 'mystic' machines. Perhaps one man's transformation is another man's 'drama'?

It is much more complicate for organizational and social learning. I reread 'A survey ofearthquake engineering' by the Economist(April 22, 1995) which I subscribed but didn't have time to read it. My coutry people didn't take some actions of prevention for Kobe's lessons. My understanding is just beginning that how to learn from a sample of one. I doubt we can learn the lessons of new economics here and get transformed.

WED emphasized the role of experts of subject-matter in markets-organizations-governments. SoPK is the starting points for the new economics in them. Only real leaders make organizational transformation which needs a management theory.In his case, Deming's system of profound knowledge (SoPK).

We have the power of getting understanding of the meaning of life without a theory. We might learn through some analysis like WED's destructive forces of life and SoPK elements/interactions. SoPk is for prepared minds with some understanding , discoveries and coordinations of a people-dominated, learning systems with variations.

The first understanding of psychology is people are different but not so different.For some profound thinkers like WED, best efforts are not enough for most systems,they need transformed leadership.

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